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HASKEL products

worldwide industrial technology
components and high pressure systems


    Hose Test Rigs for testing to Automotive, Industrial and Gas industry specifications that include:

  • • Mandrel extraction
  • • Proof
  • • Pulse
  • • Leak
  • • Burst
  • They can be supplied with optional features such as:

  • • Vibration
  • • Temperature control and Environmental Chambers
  • • Flushing to cleanliness standards
  • • Automatic PLC sequence control
  • • Quick clamping mechanism
  • Typical hoses being tested include:

  • • Automotive hoses such as:
  •      Power Steering
  •      Air Conditioning
  •      Radiator
  •      Brake
  • • Aerospace hose and pipework • Industrial hydraulic and gas hoses

    Air leak and decay test rig for power steering hoses in the automotive industry. 7 bar, 3cc/min leak rate

    Temperature controlled burst and impulse test rig with environmental chamber. 240 bar, -40°C to +1 25°C

    2 station combined hose mandrel extraction and pressure test rig

    Multiple station hose test rig for hose assembly facilities up to 30,000 psi


    Valve Test Rigs for testing all types of Process Control and Safety Relief Valves to confirm:

  • • The pressure containing capability of the valve shell
  • • The degree of tightness and pressure retaining capabilities of the valve seat(s) and/or closure mechanism
  • • The opening pressure of a relief/safety valve
  • Tests include:

  • • Shell test - pressure inside the assembled valve to 1.5 times working pressure
  • • Back seat test - pressure inside with seat fully opened and closed to 1.1 times working pressure
  • • High pressure closure test -pressure applied to each side of the closed valve to 1.1 times working pressure
  • • Low pressure closure test -same as high pressure but with air at 100 psi (7 bar), detected by air bubbles in a water column
  • • Relief valve test - opening pressure using a 'Pop' test and to 90-95% of set pressure

    Test rigs can be supplied with a range of clamp benches:

  • • Manual clamping
  • • Hydraulic clamping
  • • Automatic PLC proportional control hydraulic clamping
  • Other features:

  • • Hydrostatic, air and/or gas pressure generation
  • • Sizes up to 20", class 1500

Relief valve 'pop and flow test rig

    Two stations PLC controlled automatic valve test rig for gate valves up to 8" in diameter

    Test bench for hydraulic or gas pressure leakage and fi.inctional testing of valves


    Pressurized Gas Cylinder and Container Test Rigs for Testing:

  • • Industrial Gas Cylinders
  • • Fire Extinguisher Bodies
  • • Air bag inflators
  • • CO2 cylinders
  • • Air receivers
  • • NGV cylinders
  • Test includes:

  • • Proof
  • • Volumetric Stretch
  • • Pulse
  • • Burst
  • • Autofrettage
  • • Leak

    Two station air receiver water test rig


    Haskel offers a wide range of small portable test systems, commonly called Testpacs, suitable for a variety of pressure testing applications.
    Uses include pressure testing of:

  • • Heat exchangers
  • • Pipelines
  • • Fire extinguishers
  • • Wellhead valves
  • • Pumps
  • • Boilers
  • • Accumulators
  • • Filter housings
  • • Regulators
  • Haskel Testpacs are also commonly used for testing the integrity of hydraulic and pneumatic circuits in the aerospace, mobile and industrial markets.

Gas cylinder stretch test rig complete with moveable burrettes

Testpac 200

Portable hydro-proofer


    Haskel are specialists in the design, manufacture, test and commissioning of standard and customized systems in a wide range of industries and applications.

    Our experience in high pressure gas pressurization and transfer has enabled us to develop our reputation for high pressure gas control technology.


    Haskel air and hydraulically driven gas boosters routinely handle the following:

  • • Nitrogen
  • • Nitrous Oxide
  • • Argon
  • • Carbon Monoxide
  • • Ethylene
  • • Breathing Air
  • • Methane
  • • Sulfur Hexafluoride
  • • Helium
  • • Carbon Dioxide
  • • Oxygen
  • • Hydrogen
  • • Deuterium
  • • Neon
  • • Natural Gas

Air service cart - 5500 psig

CNG Refueling Booster System - automotive alternative fuel

Non-magnetic oxygen charging system used in Naval minehunters

Argon charging unit used in defense industry

Hydraulic drive as booster unit - plastic injection molding machine manufacturers


    Haskel gas booster systems have also long been employed in a variety of indus-tries where the need for transfer and pressurization of "liquefied" gas exists.

    These specialty gases include carbon dioxide, sulfur hexifluoride, freon, halon, propane, ISO-butane and ISO-pentane, to name a few.

    Benefits offered by Haskel for these applications include the ability to pump these gases in both their liquid and gaseous states.

SF6 cart for reclaim, recovery & recharge in power generation

Portable liquefied gas transfer unit for halos, etc

Gas charging cart - defense industry

SF6 recovery & recharge handcart

CO2 liquefied gas pumping system -pharmaceutical & biotech industry


    Supplying the majority of the world's oil exploration and production companies, Haskel specializes in air/gas driven systems used for the injection, dosing and metering of chemicals into oil and gas wells, pipelines, etc.

Chemical injection skid - dernuisifiers


    Haskel is a leading supplier of high pressure hydraulic systems to the fluid power industry. Whether it be systems for powering hydraulic jacks in aircraft ground support, clamping in the machine tool industry, hydraulic presses in the automotive and tire manu-facturing industry, or valve actuation in the energy market, Haskel systems can provide that total solution for these applications.

Valve actuator unit for geothermal plant

Chemical injection skid - corrosion inhibitor

Hydraulic power systems for aircraft jacks

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Welcome to Haskel

Haskel is an international organization offering a worldwide service through the Haskel group of companies and factory trained distributors. The Haskel group is headquartered in Burbank, California, with facilities throughout the world. We have built an enviable reputation for quality based on high pressure fluid and gas handling equipment.

In adcition to offering a comarehensive range of air driven liquid pumps, air amplifiers, air- and hydraulic-driven gas boosters, valves, fittings and accessories, we custom cesign and build power pacs and test rigs. This brochure introduces our General Product range. Technical details and advice on any of the products shown is available on request. Our continued investment in technology ensures that Haskel will stay at the leading edge of high pressure technology.

    Why use Haskel air driven pumps?

    Our pumps offer many advantages over electrically driven pumps:

  • • Safe air operation no heat, flame or spark risk
  • • Up to 7000 bar (100,000 psi) capability
  • • Infinitely variable cycling speed
  • • Stall feature at pre-determined pressure to hold that pressure without consuming power
  • • Problem-free stop/start applications
  • • Easily automated many modification and control options
  • • Suitable for most liquids and liquefied gases
  • • Alternative gas drive options — sour gas, natural gas, boil off gases, nitrogen
  • • No need for air line lubrication — saves costs and prevents contamination
  • • Robust, reliable, compact and easy to maintain proven design
  • • Unbalanced cycling spool provides immediate response to pressure changes
  • • Also available in standarc, or custom built power par configurations
  • • Excellent worldwide service for spares and repairs

    Air/Gas Driven Liquid Pumps

  • • Over 100 different models ranging from 1/3 hp to 10 hp for selection
  • • Over 50 different modifications that can be applied to the pump for various applications and service
  • • Flow range up to 4,997 cu. in./min (82 litres/min) and maximum output pressure to 100,000 psi (6,895 bar)
  • • Wide variety of material construction options
  • • Sour gas drive modification and special customized ends construction to NAGE M10175
  • • Available in CE and ATEX marks
  • Applications

  • • Hydraulic operation such as clamping devices, punch and pin presses, value actuation, etc.
  • • Hydrostatic pressure testing Hydraulic pressure, lifting and jacking systems
  • • Luxication and bolt tensioning systems
  • • Pressure testing
  • • Work holding/power clamping
  • • Jacking/lifting
  • • Valve actuator control
  • • Hydraulic cylinder actuation
  • • Press safety overload devices
  • • Roller tensioning
  • • Metering
  • • Precision lubrication and spraying
  • • Liquid gas transfer

    Air/Hydraulic Driven as Booster and Air Driven Air Amplifier

  • • it or gas driven models to deliver Output pressure up to 39,000 psi
  • • Hydraulic driven models up to 15,00 psi
  • • Models for handling argcm, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, liquefied gas, and many other specialty gases
  • • Haskel can oxygen clean products to meet U.S. government M i Mil Std. 1330D, which s the highest cleaning standard used by the U.S. Navy as approved by the Department of Defense
  • • Available in CE and ATEX marks


  • • Gas transfer/charging
  • • Low pressure gas reclamation from storage btu!
  • • Gas pressure and leak testing
  • • Nitrogen injection for plastic molding
  • • Scuba/oxygen bottle filling
  • • Charging of accumulators

    High Pressure Valves and System Accessories

    Haskel International otters a wide range of high pressure valves and system accessories designed to assist in the controlled use of pressure and flow-cenerating equipment manufactured by Haskel and others. Continuous investment in new machinery and technology keeps Haskel at the forefront of the field. Our selection of components includes:

  • • Air pilot switches Air operated directional control and release valves
  • • Air piloted valves
  • • Peculating relief valves
  • • Stainless steel check valves
  • • Hydraulic accumulators and gas receivers
  • • Filters
  • • Plenum chambers
  • • 6,000 psi gas storage cylinder
  • • High pressure valves, fittings and tubing
  • • Port adapters

    BuTech High Pressure Valves, Fittings, and Tubing

    Haskel manufactures BuTech high pressure industrial valves, subsea valves, ball valves, needle valves, check valves, fittings, filters, gauges, adapters and tubing. System components are available in every machinable alloy to handle pressures from vacuum to 150,000 psi (10,000 bar) and temperatures from -423°F (-253°C) to 1200°F (649°C).

    BuTech subsea ball and needle valves are custom designed for instrumentation, process control, chemical injection and remote operated vehicle (ROV) use in the harshest environments, providing rugged protection, safety and reliability. Subsea ball and needle valves are used in template control panels, subsea well heads and Christmas trees.

    BuTech standard and subsea valves are manufactured to mcet the requirements of NAGE MR0175/1S0 15156-2003, API6A and 17D, ASME, ANSI and various customer specifications.

    BuTech Pressure Systems takes a proactive stance on the design, development and production of new and existing products to meet the most severe applications in harsh environments.

    Standard and Custom Liquid and Gs Systems

    Haskel can custom-build portable-to-large PLC control systems for a wide range of industries and applications. Manufacturing divisions have clean room facilities for oxygen and similar requirements to class 1000-level clean.

  • • Portable pressure test packs
  • • Pressure, proof, leak, burst and fatigue testing of hydraulic, gas, refrigerant and automotive hose and rigid pipe pressure and functional testing of valves
  • • Volumetric stress testing of gas containers
  • • Helium leak detection of refrigerant and air conditioning equipment
  • • Oxygen transfer and pressurization of accumulators
  • • CFC refrigerant and halon fire extinguishing substance recovery and charging
  • • SF-6 recovery and reclaim from circuit breakers
  • • Chemical injection, metering and dosing pumps and packaged systems
  • • Hydraulic or pneumatic hose test bench